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Michelle Getchell

Executive Director, Michigan

Michelle has been a member of TTSGI since 1994 and was the creator of the Twinless Times. She now serves as the organization's Executive Director. Her twin, Missy, died in an auto accident when they were 21 years old.


Ray Boyle

Treasurer, Canada

Ray, twin to Jimmy, has been a member of TTSGI since 2002, a Board Member from 2010-2019 and was the acting President from 2011 until 2019.


Lea Eriksen

President, Board Member, California

Lea has been a member of TTSGI since 2004 and has served on the Board of Directors since 2013. She lost her identical twin, Eve, to a rare bone cancer in 2003. Through TTSGI she learned to go from just surviving her twin loss to truly living again and now thriving.


Matt Vierling

Secretary, Board Member, Texas

Matt lost his twin Mark to brain cancer when they were 9 years old. Matt has been a member of TTSGI since 2011 and is serving his second term as a board member.


Margaret Daffin

Board Member, Texas

Margaret has been a member of TTSGI since 1996. Prior to serving on the Board of Directors, she was TTSGI’s Vice President for five years. Her identical twin sister, Josie, was murdered by her husband in London at the age of 48.


Bob Osterholt


Bob, twin to Bill, has been serving as a volunteer for the organization for a number of years. He began serving on the Board of Directors in 2017.


Venice Lacy

Board Member, California

Venice became a member of TTSGI in 2011 after suddenly losing her identical twin sister Toni from complications of leukemia. Thanks to the support of the members of TTSGi Venice has been able to grieve and heal. She has served on the Board since 2014.


Jan Konya-Grabill

Vice President, Board Member, Ohio

Jan stumbled upon TTSGI soon after her twin brother Hal died in 2014 of a traumatic brain injury he suffered twenty years earlier. TTSGI has enabled her to achieve high levels of happiness and joy while keeping her twin at the center of her life, even in his absence. Jan was elected to the Board of Directors in 2018.


Jake Yurich

Regional Coordinator, Colorado

Jake attended his 1st conference in 2016. He lost his twin, Zach, when he was eleven years in 2001 from a brain tumor. After many years of denial, Jake finally felt the need to fully grieve the death of his twin and in the process, found a home with the Twinless Twins Support Group.


Terry Lewis-Foor

Board Member, Illinois

Terry, twin to Sherry, has been involved with TTSGI since 1995. She has attended countless Annual Conferences and began serving on the Board in 2015. Her thirty year old twin sister Sherry Lewis, a real estate agent, was murdered in a residence that was for sale which she had appointment to show.


Alyssa Pratt

Board Member, Oklahoma

Alyssa first discovered TTSGI in 2005 and has been attending conferences since 2010. Her twin, Karyn, died in utero of unknown causes.


Ruth Selig

Emeritus Board Member, Washington DC

Ruth has been a member of TTSGI for many years and served on the Board of Directors prior to becoming an Emeritus Board Member. Ruth lost her twin Rollie to metastatic breast cancer in 1983, just before their 40th birthday.


Michael Karbeling


Mike, twin to Howard, has been serving TTSGI in a variety of ways for a number of years.


Sarah Beebe

Regional Coordinator, ILLINOIS

Sarah has been a member since 2006 and a Regional Coordinator since 2010. Her precious twin, Heidi, died in 2006 from suicide. Sarah is so grateful to be a part of this special group of people and find true healing in being with other twins.


Joan Angelis


Joan has been a member since 2007, and a Regional Coordinator since 2009. Her identical twin, Jean, died by suicide in 1982 at the age of 28. It was completely unexpected by Joan. After years of depression, Joan began to see that she could not only live again, but also thrive. She sees herself as a promoter of hope for other twinless twins.


Jessica Wickey


Jessica, twin to Jennifer, joined Twinless Twins in 2012, and became a Regional Coordinator in 2017. Jessica enjoys spending time with other twins, and looks forward to the international conference each year.


Margaret Gron


Margaret attended her first conference in 1997 and returned in 2016 as an active member. She lost her twin, Edith, in an automobile accident in 1995. She serves as a Regional Coordinator, is part of the conference committee and will become co-editor of Twinless Times starting 2019. With TTSGI Margaret has the opportunity to celebrate her twin identity and interact with other twins experiencing similar twin dilemmas.


Paul Heiden


Paul found TTSGI shortly after his twin, Pete, died in March 2000. Pete died of a heart attack at the age of 46. Paul attended his first conference that July. He is forever grateful for the healing he has experienced through TTSGI the past eighteen years.


Carolyn Shane


Carolyn attended her first conference in 2004 and began holding regional meetings in 2006. She also served on the Board of Directors from 2008-2012. She lost her twin, Cary, in 1998 from cancer. Carolyn feels her ability to heal from the loss of her twin is primarily due to TTSGI, its members, and her involvement in helping others.


Janet Baird

International Affiliate, United Kingdom

Janet attended her first conference in Detroit in 2010, and has remained an active member ever since. She lost her twin, Margaret, in 2004 when they were 51. Margaret died from pneumonia after a leg fracture. Janet is also a member of the UK Lone Twins and runs their Northern Group.


Wilmette Colmbs


Wilmette, twin to Wilma, joined the organization in 2014. She lost her twin to cancer and wants to give back to TTSGI for all they have given her in her darkest time.


Garry Rayno


Garry, twin to Terry, joined the organization many years ago and has volunteered in the New England region and now serves as the official Regional Coordinator.


Ed Echeverria

Regional Coordinator, California

Ed has been a part of TTSGI since 2017. He lost his twin, Alfredo, from a massive stroke, brought on by complications from spinal fusion surgery. Becoming a RC allows him to help himself by helping others as he continues on his healing journey.