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Our TTSGI Facebook Group: You are invited to participate!

by: Michelle Getchell, twin to Missy

Did you know that TTSGI has a FB group, which has almost 2,000 members? This FB group consists of both TTSGI members and non-members. We use this FB group as an outreach for TTs looking for support. On average 20 new contacts a week are joining our FB group. Our goal is to encourage and provide a safe haven for TTs to share honestly and candidly about their twin loss. Our FB group also serves as a way to help TTs (when ready) to get involved in the bigger community of TTSGI and become a member. Twinless twins from all over the world, with losses ranging from days to years, are participating in conversations, sharing their story, and offering their support – demonstrating “Healing by Helping”. We invite you to join our FB group: Click Here!

This FB group is moderated by eight of our amazing, faithful, dedicated TT members: Alice, Dawn, Sarah, Wilmette, Rob, Carol, Jane, Beverly – Thank You Moderator Team!

Questions? Please contact one of the moderators or send your email to and we will pass it to a moderator for you!