Early Twin Loss

For Parents

Death of a Twin – For Parents

Irish Stillborn & National Death Society
This article discusses the conflicting emotions associated with losing a stillborn twin despite a healthy surviving twin and the process of saying goodbye, going home, and how to approach the future
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Reflections From a Parent

Barb Gossett
An honest account from a mother of triplets who lost one child in utero and one child at 9 months and the profound impact that TTSGI has made on her family and her surviving triplet Jeffrey
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Thoughts on Parenting a Twinless Child

Elizabeth A. Pector, M.D.
Dr. Elizabeth A. Pector talks about parenting her son Jared after the death of his identical twin brother Ryan within two days of their birth
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For Twinless Twins

Remembering To Heal

Joan S. Bruner, LCSW
Joan S. Bruner, whose identical twin Jan passed away when they were 31/2 years old, writes about the importance of remembering her twin connection with the belief that there is healing in remembering
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On Multiple Births

Dr. Thomas Stuttaford
In this article Dr. Thomas Stuttaford discusses the challenges of being a twin of a stillborn baby including the associated feelings of guilt, depression, and insecurity
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Womb Twin Healing

Althea Hayton
Reflections from a womb twin survivor on how to grieve, cope and heal
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Leading to the “Elvis Story”

Peter O. Whitmer, Ph.D.
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