Remembering Darcie Sims

Darcie Sims, Ph.D, was a bereaved parent and child and a grief management specialist. She was a nationally certified thanatologist, a certified pastor bereavement specialist, and a licensed psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. She was the author of many books and produced multiple vidoes, including the award-winning video series Good Grief. She was an internationally recognized speaker and Editor for the Bereavement magazine, as well as a writer for Grief Digest. She was also president and co-founder of GRIEF, Inc. The impact Darcie had on countless lives was astounding.

The impact she had, and continues to have, on the Twinless Twins Support Group Intl. is one that has rescued many from the painful journey of grief. Darcie had a way of bringing joy and hope into the darkest places. It is hard to believe that a twinless twin would ever laugh when talking about grief and loss. But that is just what we were able to do when Darcie was our keynote conference speaker. Darcie’s real-life approach to grief allowed us to feel sane. Her wit and candor were refreshing at a time when many of us desperately needed it. Though not a twinless twin herself, she had a way of understanding and being sensitive to our unique loss. We felt safe and understood and most importantly loved.

Darcie used to say, “May love be what you remember most.”  These words describe exactly how we will remember Darcie. She was a woman of strength and beauty and she will forever be missed.

You can hear Darcie Sims on Good Mourning for free. Click Here.