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In Memoriam of Mary George Beyer

Mary George Beyer “George” passed away March 21, 2016 from lung complications. She was born February 28, 1938 with her twin sister, Georgia Mae Terry, who she called “Sissie”. George taught school for 33 years and after her retirement she earned her Master’s in Counseling and used that to help others in need. George was an active volunteer with TTSGI and she helped many twinless twins at the annual conferences, regional gatherings, through phone calls and by email. She will be sorely missed.

Tribute to My Friend George Beyer
By Dawn Barnett, twin to Daryl

Mary George Beyer was not only a twin friend but my BFF. We first met when I got her call (for a few years I took TTSGI calls that went to the main office during closed office hours), right after she lost her twin Sissie. We would talk for hours and those calls went on for over a year and I was so glad to be there when she needed it the most. As the years went by, we became best of friends and she would call me when the dark days came or just to say hi. Those calls still lasted hours because George couldn’t talk for a minute. We roomed together at most of the regional meetings and some of the conferences and would talk all night long. Over the years, she was able to do what we know from Dr. Brandt as healing by helping as she helped so many other twins in the deep throws of their grieving. As a licensed therapist, she was very qualified and willingly able to help so many times at the many conferences she was able to attend. I will miss her thoughtfulness, her Texas-size homespun humor and most of all her friendship, but know she is with her Sissie and all her family now as she had no family left here. She is also not in pain anymore and her heart and lungs are back to being perfect again. In our last emails we exchanged while she was in the hospital I wanted her to come to the Village and play golf with me at one of the courses and that’s what I’m going to miss most of all; being with her again and playing our favorite game which we never had the chance to do. But I’m sure she’s playing with Sissie and maybe even Daryl in heaven now and they are having a ball! R.I.P., my friend, George!

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