2012 Conference Recap

The 2012 TTSGI Conference was a great success. Over 39% of our attendees were there for the first time. We also had many members in attendence that we had not seen in 5-8 years. It is such a comfort to know there is a place to come to when you are ready and need support!

One of the highlights of the conference being in Dublin, OH was the Memorial Walk. To see all of the twinless twins walking on the path together seemed so symbolic of our grief journey. It was such a treat to watch several new friendships being formed. We love how twinless twins who never knew each other before come together and have an instant loving bond. We are always amazed when the former “first time attendees” return a year later and seem to be in a much better place. We can only assume it is because they found hope and support through new twinless friends.

Plans are already being made for the 2013 Conference, which will be in Los Angeles, CA. The date has been set for July 18-21. Save the date – hope to see everyone there!!

Click here to watch a slideshow from the conference!
Song is titled “A Little Farther Down the Road” by Alan Pedersen.