Twin Loss

by: Dr. Raymond W. Brandt
Dr. Brandt was a twinless twin himself and the founder of the Twinless Twins Support Group. He is considered by many an authority on twin loss. The 400-page book discusses all aspects of the loss and also speaks to the family members on how to help the survivor twin.

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When Grief Calls Forth the Healing

by: Mary R. Morgan
In 1961, Michael Rockefeller, son of then-governor of New York State Nelson A. Rockefeller, mysteriously disappeared off the remote coast of southern New Guinea. Amidst the glare of international public interest, the governor, along with his daughter Mary, Michael’s twin, set off on a futile search, only to return empty handed and empty hearted. What followed were Mary’s 27-year repression of her grief and an unconscious denial of her twin’s death, which haunted her relationships and controlled her life.
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Living Without Your Twin

by: Betty Jean Case
Betty Jean is a twin, grew up with twin siblings, and had a set of twin grandsons. This 150-page book discusses how to keep living without your twin and best friend by your side. It also explores the uniqueness of twin loss. Betty generously makes a donation to Twinless Twins each time her book is purchased through the TTSGI website.

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My Twin Vanished: Did Yours?

by: Dr. Brent H. Babcock
A survivor himself of a vanished twin, Dr. Brent H. Babcock shares with the public for the first time his knowledge concerning the vanishing twin.

Price: $17.95

We Are Twins, But Who Am I?

by: Betty Jean Case
While most people begin life as separate human beings & must learn intimacy, twins are born into intimacy & must learn how to find separateness. In doing research for this book, Betty Jean Case questioned more than 800 twins on subjects as varied as love, marriage, education, & ESP. Being a twin herself, Betty Jean Case has been able to express the struggle for identity from a twin’s perspective.

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A Place of Peace

by: Jennifer Hander
When twenty-eight-year-old Jennifer Hander learns that she and her husband are expecting identical twin girls, she’s ecstatic. But what should be a fantastic experience soon turns into a medical nightmare. The girls develop TTTS (Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome) and are delivered by emergency caesarian section. The twins enter neonatal intensive care minutes after delivery. Three months later Alexa is released, but Alysa never makes it home. A Place of Peace chronicles Hander’s intimate experience, from the twins’ conception until the day that Alysa passes away in her mother’s arms. In the midst of her overwhelming grief, Hander realizes that the loss of a child is enough to destroy a person—but she refuses to succumb to the darkness.

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