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The 2017 Dr. Brandt Memorial Award Recipient

Photo of past TTSGI presidents giving Sandra an award

By Renie Halford, twin to Ernie

Dr. Brandt passed away almost one day to the year before I joined TTSGI. Though I did not personally know him, I know much about him. I do have the good fortune of knowing all the recipients of the Dr. Brandt Award. Each of them has made huge personal and resource contributions to TTSGI.

I am especially pleased with this year’s recipient, Sandra Brown. Sandra joined TTSGI in 2002, same as I, one year after the death of her beloved twin, Sammy. She has been a stalwart to the organization: involvement in regional meetings and activities, attendance at the annual conferences, a member of the conference committee and a dedicated board member.

The Board of Directors at that time was overjoyed when she was nominated to become a member. She immediately became a productive decision maker and a strong render of service and resources. Along with her own talent, she brought that of her husband, John, who became an integral part of what we do (Sadly, John passed away a few years ago).

For my wife LeAnn and me, Sandra was our first friend in TTSGI. It has now been 15 years since. Each year we cherish her more.

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